Top 5 Reasons To Make Dubstep Beats

make dubstep beats

Many aspiring music producers are often have desires to make a certain genre of music, while others are confused about where to aim their creativity. Perhaps I can help you out by giving you top 5 reasons on why you should make Dubstep beats over anything else.

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1) Immense Demand

Dubstep is a relatively new genre of music. It first emerged from South London in the late 1990’s, and since then has evolved and gone on to spawn several subgenres. The UK has stayed true to their roots with artists such as Nero and Skream creating a buzz around quality Dubstep.

But it wasn’t until the late 2000’s until it started becoming wildly popular on a worldwide commercial scale, thanks to popular artists from other genres hijacking the Dubstep sound and implementing it into their songs.

Now you’ll hear it everywhere from adverts on TV and Radio to universities around the world. The Dubstep phenomenon has accelerated at such a fast pace that it’s yet to slow down. The sooner you can hop on and ride the Dubstep train, the better you can make a name and career for yourself. But don’t do it if your heart’s not in it.

2) Room For Creativity

Since Dubstep is a pretty new genre, this means that it’s constantly evolving. There’s still lots of room for creativity so if you’ve got great ideas, you can begin your own trend which may catch on and spawn its own subgenre.

Of course there’s a lot of factors that affects the momentum of a trend such as marketing and influence, but it ultimately starts with your creative abilities.

3) Lots Of Online Resources

Go to Google and type in ‘Dubstep tutorials’ and it’ll bring up thousands of links that’ll teach you how to make Dubstep. It’ll bring up articles and videos that’ll take you through the basics and more advanced techniques.

Depending on what DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) you’re using to make Dubstep beats, you’ll want to be as specific as possible. However, if you’re new to the game, you should still observe these videos to get an idea of how a Dubstep track is structured and put together.

DAW’s for beginners such as Fruity Loops already come with some VST plugins for Dubstep, to give you the best possible start in making beats, so this is something you may want to consider.

4) Great Learning Curve For Electronic Music

make dubstep beatsElectronic music employs the use of electronic musical instruments and technology such as the ever popular sound synthesizer. Dubstep, House and and Techno are among the most popular forms of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and they’re all related in one way or another.

So when you’re learning how to make Dubstep beats, you’re also learning elements of other forms of EDM’s, therefore if you decide to make the transition in the future, it’ll make much easier. House and Techno are always immensely popular and have been around for a long time.

5) Never Gets Boring

Making Dubstep is fun and addictive. If you love listening to Dubstep, trust me, it’ll make you love producing it even more. You can spend countless hours laying down the drums, bassline, synths and samples.

Yes it can be a long and sometimes frustrating process when you’re trying to perfect a track, but in the end when you listen to the finished product, it’s all worth it.

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