Top 5 Reasons To Make Your Own Rap Beats

make your own rap beats

You may have a sole reason of why you want to make your own rap beats, but often people lose direction of where they’re going and what they’re aiming for, simply because the road to success is long and tiring.

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At times like this, you need to be constantly reminded of your ultimate goal and all the benefits that will come of making your own rap beats, whether you’re a rapper or a producer.

1) Boost Your Learning Curve

One of the most important things not just in making rap beats, but being an overall music producer is the ability to keep learning new things, especially music theory.

In terms of rap specifically, if you’re a rapper, then making your own rap beats will provide you with a creative outlet and total control over the entire structure of your songs.

In my opinion this is vital at all points of your career because once an outsider dabbles in your music in from a creative perspective, they’re taking away your creative control, which is what happens all the time in the music industry.

Looking back at some of the most successful rappers/rap groups, many of them had in-house producers or strong relationships with specific producers. The Wu-Tang Clan had RZA, Snoop Dogg had Dr.Dre, Gangstarr had DJ Premier and Kanye West had himself, and so can you.

2) Save Money

If you’re an aspiring rapper, to get attention, one of the things you must do is to showcase your talent on good instrumentals. If you plan on making a living or a killing being a rapper, then you’ll need royalty free beats to sell your own beats. You can easily find them on the Internet.

However, the problem with that is that they cost more and more money over the long-term, and hundreds if not thousands of other music artists will be using the same tracks.

This leads me back to my first point that although it takes time learning how to make your own rap beats, you get full creative control and complete uniqueness, not to mention you’ll save yourself a lot of money.

3) Make Money

Good music producers make good money. Even more so than artists themselves as they’re often not limited to only one genre. Also, generally there’s more music artists than producers, so the demand for great producers who can make hot beats far outweighs the need for another rapper/singer.

When you become more experienced at making rap beats, you can dwell into other genres and/or start selling your beats as royalty free or as an exclusive deal to certain music artists.

It does take patience to become good at making beats, but a great way to start is by using a simple and easy-to-use music production software such as Fruity Loops, where it has a simpler interface and you can advance your skills a bit quicker.

4) Fun & Addictive

One thing you don’t have to worry about when you make your own rap beats is boredom. As a matter of fact, for many producers, it’s an addiction and obsession. Once you start on a beat, and you get your rhythm going, you’ll find it hard to stop until you’ve completely finished it.

What better way to make a living doing what you love doing, which is producing and rocking out to the hottest beats?

One of the best feelings in the world is developing a great track from start to finish, experiencing its entire progress, and then listening to the end result knowing that it was you who produced that sick beat.

5) Gain Recognition

make your own rap beatsThere’s something about music that brings people together and bonds them regardless of language, nationality and whatever else. So when you’re at a party, in the studio, in your home and people hear and like your music, it feels great knowing that you’re getting recognition for it.

The more people like the stuff you’re producing, the more recognition you’ll receive and more music artists would want to work with you. This is an important step in your career.

Making connections with talented artists will spread your music further as they’ll be marketing their songs which will have your backing track on it. This kind of attention will only bring you a step closer to the big time.

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