Top 30 Best Dr Dre Beats

Dr Dre is a legendary music producer and rapper, so as a tribute, I’ve chosen the best that he’s had to offer the rap game. In no particular order, here are 30 of the best beats produced by Dr Dre.

1. 50 Cent – In Da Club
2. NWA – Straight Outta Compton
3. Dr Dre & Ice Cube – Natural Born Killaz
4. Dr Dre ft. Eminem – Forgot About Dre
5. Snoop Dogg ft. Warren G, Nate Dogg & Kurupt – Ain’t No Fun
6. Dr. Dre ft. Hittman, Kurupt, Nate Dogg and Six-Two – Xxplosive
7. Snoop Dogg – Gin & Juice
8. Dr Dre & Snoop Dogg – Nuthin But A G Thang
9. Game ft. 50 Cent – How We Do
10. Dr Dre ft. Snoop Dogg – Still DRE
11. Eminem ft. Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit & Nate Dogg – Bitch Please 2
12. Snoop Dogg – Who Am I (What’s My Name)
13. Snoop Dogg ft. Master P, Nate Dogg, Butch Cassidy, & Tha Eastsidaz – Lay Low
14. Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg – Fuck wit Dre Day (And Everybody’s Celebratin)
15. 2Pac ft. Dr. Dre – California Love
16. Jay-Z – 30 Something
17. Dr Dre – Let Me Ride
18. Eminem – The Real Slim Shady
19. Dr Dre ft. Knoc-turn’al – Bad Intentions
20. Mary J. Blidge – Family Affairs
21. Dr Dre ft. Snoop Dogg & Nate Dogg – Lil Ghetto Boy
22. 50 Cent ft. Mobb Deep – Outta Control
23. Bilal – Fast Lane
24. Snoop Dogg – Murder Was The Case
25. Eminem ft. Dr Dre – Guilty Conscience
26. Eve & Gwen Stafani – Let Me Blow Your Mind
27. Dr Dre ft. Snoop Dogg, Kurupt & Nate Dogg – The Next Episode
28. G-Unit – Poppin Them Thangs
29. Eminem – Business
30. Dr Dre ft. Knoc-turn’al – The Watcher

Did You Know?

  • As well as being an artist of the infamous Death Row Records, he was also the co-owner along with Suge Knight.
  • Suge Knight, the other owner of Death Row Records, was once Dr Dre’s bodyguard.
  • Rolling Stone magazine has listed Dr Dre in their “100 Greatest Artists Of All Time” list at number 56.
  • His stepbrother is Warran G, the renowned West Coast music artist, DJ and Producer.
  • Before he became Dr Dre, he was known as the “Master Of Mixology” and “Dr J”.
  • Dr Dre has stated that his main choice of music production equipment is the Akai MPC3000.
  • Funk artists Isaac Hayes, George Clinton and Curtis Mayfield are cited as being Dre’s foremost musical influences.
  • Dr Dre prefers to use real life studio musicians to recreate sounds, rather than using samples, as it allows him to have more control over it.
  • Known to be a perfectionist, Snoop once said that Dre had made Bishop Lamont (form Aftermath Records artist) re-do one bar of vocals 107 times.
  • Scott Storch, now a successful producer in his own right, contributed greatly towards Dr Dre’s bestselling album, 2001.
  • A continuous student of piano and musical theory, Dr Dre has once stated that he wants enough experience to be able to score movies.

You can read more about Dr Dre’s personal life, business life and music production over at Wikipedia.

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