Scott Storch Quickly Makes a Sick Beat in the Studio

In the early 2000’s, Scott Storch was one of the best music producers in the music industry, particularly in the Hip-Hop and RnB genres. He had an incredible resume and boasted a host of commercial hits, thanks to his creatively melodic beats.

I recent years, Storch’s career has all but faded into obscurity due to his drug habit and fast flashly lifestyle. Nevertheless, his talent in making beats remains timeless and the video below shows you how he was able to quickly make an excellent beat, while making it seem effortless.

As you can see, Storch makes full use of his tool of choice – a Yamaha digital keyboard workstation and an MPC machine by Akai. They both provide all the instruments, drum kits and tracks he needed to make a high tempo Hip-Hop party banger.

Check out the strings modulated by the pitch wheel at [5:28]. That’s when the beat really starts getting crazy!

It’s a shame that Scott Storch isn’t nearly as active in making beats these days as I believe he can still be not only relevant, but extremely successful in today’s market.

What did you think of the video? And what’s your favorite beat from Scott Storch?

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