How Scott Storch Overcame Coke Addiction To Still Make Hot Beats

Sway and Scott Storch

He was once on top of the world, creating smash hits for high profile artists including Beyonce, 50 Cent, The Game, T.I, Christina Aguilera and much more. Nowadays, Scott Storch is steadily building his credibility back after a several year coke habit.

In this interview with Sway from Shade45, he explains how he’s keeping current with the music industry, what his life was like when he was strung out on coke, and how he managed to climb out of despair.

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How He Remains Current On Hip-Hop

Sway:Right now sonically, there’s a lot of change that’s happening, I think especially in Hip-Hop, you see the work that Kanye is doing with Yeezus and you hear the work that Tyler The Creator from Odd Future and even Earl with Sweatshirt, when he goes by Random Black Dude as a producer…you see a sound that really stretched the boundaries of what people thought Hip-Hop should sound like.

When you listen to J.Cole’s album, which Mac Miller’s producing right now, what do you think of the condition of music right now, musically?

Scott Storch:I think it’s almost going through some repair actually, cos I’m finding that it’s cool for me because there’s a lot of keyboard driven music that’s out there so I’m just taking advantage of that.

Putting a little different vibe on the drums and for me I had to modernize and update and stop feeling like I know how to make records. There’s always a new way to make records. It’s really about vibing out and staying current, keeping up with trends and putting ‘you’ on.

Battling Coke Addiction

scott storch miami mansion

Scott Storch once partied hard at his Miami Palm Island Mansion, but lost it due to his coke addiction. Now he’s just focused on making hit beats again.

Sway:Did you feel like…I’m going to go back to the Haze period when you were addicted to cocaine, how did that affect your career because it felt like…we just saw a downward spiral.

Scott Storch:You know what, the most dangerous thing about it was having all that money in the bank and not worrying about shit, and not realizing that not only am I not making any new money, but I’m spending the old and I’m just chilling.

Creatively, you have no attention span when you’re on that. You’re here and there. Ultimately, when you’re making this music you got to focus and you got to zone out on it. With one foot out the door to go to whatever party, waiting there with 6, 8 balls and bad bitches and this and that, that was overshadowing it. Cars…I got all of that out of my system. Now I’m dangerous because my goals are getting those chart positions, doing something good in music, seeing that money in the bank, so I’m working and staying focused.

Sway:I know that you and Christina, it felt like had a falling out cos I remember when she had song ‘F.U.S.S’, which meant F.U Scott Storch.

Scott Storch:Oh yeah…She and I never even had an argument. Me and her management had an argument, and then she was obviously instructed to do what she had to do.

Sway:We’re talking Christina Aguilera.

Scott Storch:I can tell you this. I was wrong with a lot of stuff in that part of my life, that one…I was right.

Sway:You were right? Have you both reconciled at all?

Scott Storch:Yeah, yeah. We’re cool. We actually met in the studio.

Advice To Lindsay Lohan

Tracy G:What kind of advice would you give Lindsay Lohan? She just got out of rehab, she had an addiction to coke as well. Is it hard now when you’re going into the sober life, what do you have to look out for to get your head right?

Scott Storch:She’s a personal friend of mine. I will say this. What she’s going to have to do is what I was talking about earlier. She has to get rid of all her friends. She’s got a whole bunch of ‘yes men’ around her and a bunch of people that will just be triggers for her, and ultimately be the culprit of who’s bringing that stuff around her. More than just coke. It’s a whole bunch of different things. But underneath it, she’s a great person who has a good spirit, and hopefully she figures it out cos it took me just up until recently to finally say “what the hell? Is this worth it?

Getting Back To Music

Tracy G:I’m curious though, as a producer in the studio now, how did you learn to just trust your ear again? Like, you just jumped on here right now and played music. Cos you just said “I got to get back to know that I don’t know everything about music.

Scott Storch:Well I went through that already. I’ve been studying so I’m up-to-date. It’s not really complex. It’s just knowing what people are rocking right now. It’s like being a fashion designer and knowing “Ok, people are messing with this, let me do my little take on that.

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