Dallas Austin Interview On BTV SOLO Music Production Software


If you’ve been looking for a beginner’s music production software to make your beats, you’ve probably come across loads of abysmal beat makers, some you may have even tried out before realizing its limitations. Somewhere within the masses of junk, stands BTV SOLO (you can read my full review here), head and shoulders above the rest.

Created by a well-renowned music producer Dallas Austin, who has worked with the likes of Michael Jackson and Madonna, the BTV SOLO is music making innovation for beginners at its finest.

Here’s what the creator himself has to say about it. The following transcripts are split into two different videos, with D.A speaking on the different aspects of his music making software.

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First Interview

So, what I’m going to do now is introduce to you SOLO. It’s virtual, it’s an easier edition, more affordable (than the Beat Thang Hardware version), user friendly, comes with all the sounds but also, the sequencer, and the mixer. Anything you need to basically get started.

If you’re not a professional already, and you want to be the professional producer or you want to get started in being a music producer or songwriter, then SOLO is a lot more user friendly for you. It’s easy to load it up into your MAC or PC, and viola! It’s there.


What It Does

One thing about SOLO is that you can arrange four songs without the use of any keyboard, you can just use your computer. You don’t need any other keyboards, any other drums or any other virtual instruments. You can sequence here, you got your sound banks here and you can mix here.

You can also export your tracks, load them up or, if you just want to export your track, burn it to a CD, then it’s really easy to get that done.

SOLO also works with our other sound packs. So, you start here, and if you want to you can add onto it, or buy other sound packs to go along with it as you get more advanced. But off the bat, just having SOLO alone will make you sound like a genius of a record producer.

The good thing about BKE (the company that produces BTV SOLO) is that we’ve made it accessible so that you always have text support. You always have one of us that you can access to by email, through video conferencing and any way possible. We’re always on call just to make sure that if you need anything, we can help you out.

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Second Interview


We want to have it (platform) where the kids (beginners/adults) have an opportunity to be amazing, without having to go to a $300,000 studio or spend $2,000 a day. We’ve had a group of engineers sit in the studio and EQ sounds and cut them up for days, from my personal stash.

We’re going to make sure that everything that you get from us…the sound quality is going to be amazing, the machine quality is going to be very simple, and it’s made so that we can offer you the same experience that I use.

I use this device for every record that I make. It’s definitely the music machine of the future.

The following producers talks about BTV SOLO and Beat Thang, which is the hardware version.

DJ Toomp – Multi-Platinum Producer

“They’ve come with a machine, and it has this certain uniqueness about it where it keeps you between the software world and the hardware world at the same time.”

Devyne Stephens

“When I tell you it’s incredible, it’s a must-have.”

Drumma Boy

“The beat machine was dope…He was showing me that it had the tap tempo which was dope, and it can load pretty much whatever sounds you want it to load.”

DJ Ruckus

“It has its own sound banks. You can travel with it, you can work on it, you can plug it in…It’s capable for production for all ages.”

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